#FlauntaLLCurves As aLL Takes Over Lakme Fashion Week!

#FlauntaLLCurves As aLL Takes Over Lakme Fashion Week!

#FlauntaLLCurves As aLL Takes Over Lakme Fashion Week!


‘If you got it, flaunt it!’

—- A term we use loosely, lightly, almost instinctually- as a thought that’s second nature to us. But what’s proclaimed is rarely practiced. The society conditions us to stay within boundaries, constantly telling us to abide by the set norms, no matter how regressive. Being coy is more acceptable than being confident and ‘bold’ is a word overused for just expressing ourselves freely. Nowhere does this hold more true than when it comes to owning our bodies and being comfortable in our skin. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of fashion.

2 years ago, we broke many myths, perceptions and notions in the Indian fashion space by staging the first-ever plus size fashion show at the renowned Lakme Fashion Week. This year, we reclaim the agency over our bodies and lives to unabashedly #FlauntaLLCurves!

No longer shy, no longer anxious about “covering it up”. Nothing to hide, not giving in to the hate; today, we embrace our bodies and #FlauntaLLCurves leads the conversation to propagate body positivity.

Risqué? Maybe. Provocative? Totally!

In collaboration with leading fashion designer Rina Dhaka, the aLL Primero Collection will be showcased by gorgeous plus size models, flaunting styles and trends that defy the established rules and norms around what’s typically considered as “appropriate” plus size clothing.

Plunging necklines are a big no-no, they said? We will show you how to rock ‘em in style.

Body-hugging, fitted clothes are not flattering, they said? We know how to flaunt ‘em just right.

Don’t wear whites, they said? Every colour in the spectrum is for us to wear.

Inclusivity in the world of fashion is an ongoing global crusade, currently; From British actor Jamila Jamil actively inspiring and encouraging body positivity through her online community of ‘IWeigh’ to our very own, infamous Diet Sabya calling out famous mainstream designers for fat shaming. But while there are many fighting the good fight, there’s miles to go before we dent the common perception. Even the Dutchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wasn’t spared from body shaming trolls during her pregnancy! What a royal mess!

While top brands are participating in the conversation by promoting a healthy body image through various initiatives, we have been a pioneer in this space, in India. Through the association with Lakme Fashion Week, we’ve brought this dialogue to the mainstream.

Still stuck in the shackles of outdated, unhealthy beauty standards, we’ve prompted the Indian fashion industry to sit up and take notice. With the context of the fashion show this Sunday, we will be engaging with our community online through our influencers, contests and a live with Rina Dhaka answering fashion queries. All in the run-up to the D-day, this Sunday!

Needless to say, tune in to the aLL Online Instagram page this Sunday to watch the fashion show live. Join in on the journey to freedom…the freedom to be comfortable in your skin, the freedom to #FlauntaLLCurves!

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