Tips and tricks to beat the heat this summer

Tips and tricks to beat the heat this summer

As summer days pass, the temperatures are soaring higher than ever; making it almost unbearable to step out during the day. With the heat waves are in full swing, it’s time to embrace summer-friendly habits, fabrics and colours that will keep you both comfortable and chic.

Here are some super breezy tricks to help you feel great even in the heat:

Stay hydrated

Stay Hydrated

With rising humidity and temperature, it is essential to replenish your body with fluids constantly. Drinking water is good, but you can also opt for other options like coconut water, ice tea, mint infused water, and fresh fruit juices. Like any electronic gadget, your body too needs to be charged to function properly, especially in summers. So, have more liquid and stay hydrated.

Eat healthily

Eat Healthily

While you may be doing a great job on keeping your body hydrated, it is still losing nutrients as you work up a sweat. Try to keep very spicy and heavy food at bay by replacing them with healthier options. Include yoghurt, buttermilk, and water infused vegetables like cucumber to your diet. Fresh fruits are also a great way to curb hunger pangs and stay fresh in summers. For sugar cravings, opt for homemade fresh fruit ice-candies instead of indulgent brownies for a nourishing as well as a cooling effect.

Pick natural fabric

Natural fabric

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Styling in summer is a daunting task, especially if it involves constant travelling in the heat. Choose natural and breathable fabrics like cotton and linen over heavier ones. aLL, the plus size online clothing store in India brings casual cotton shirts for men in soft colours to keep the heat at bay. Pair this blue regular fit casual cotton shirt with a pair of brown chinos and sneakers for a regular day at work.

Natural Fabric

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Women can pair this breezy maroon dress with block heels and sunnies for a trendy look. With fabulous plus size clothing options at aLL, looking and feeling great even in the heat is easy!

Wear light colours

Wear Light Colours

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Style yourself in soft summer colours that will absorb less heat and keep you comfortable throughout the day. Reinvent the way you dress this summer with aLL’s plus size fashion clothes. Women can opt for a dusty lavender top with denim for a captivating day look. While men can opt for a muted yellow casual shirt with jeans for an understated dapper look. Bright yet mellow, these low-key pieces are perfect for a sweltering summer day.

Light Colours

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While the warmer months are great to enjoy outdoor sports and picnics with your loved ones, they come at a price. Follow these super-effective tips and tricks to balance your hot days without compromising with your health and style quotient.